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Welcome Our New Intern, Yury Rendon.


Yury is an international student from Armenia,Colombia, and has lived in the DMV since 2014. She is majoring in Business Administration with specialization in International Business at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.

Yury initially began her studies at the University of Quindio, Armenia, Colombia but decided to move to the United States to expand her knowledge and skills.  Her work experience began in the tourism industry at a young age working in photography sales at the National Coffee Park, a major tourist destination in Armenia.  Within her first year,  she was promoted to a manager level and was there for about 10 years. This managerial role was the motivator that brought her to the United States to finish her degree and learn English.

Living in the Washington, DC area has been a great opportunity to grow as a person and she knows it holds many opportunities to grow professionally. Being an intern for the Popovich Financial Group this semester will allow her to apply her studies from Marymount University and learn more about financial planning. During her free time Yury enjoys taking pictures, watching sunsets, and traveling any time she has the opportunity.

We look forward to working with her for the Fall 2019 semester!  Her first day is September 16th